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You've touched down at SkyWest Airlines – the career destination for more than 10,700 professionals who are literally "going places" with their careers.

While our business reputation is based upon our operational and fiscal savvy, the true essence of SkyWest's success has always been our people. We operate in a customer-focused, team-based environment and provide limitless opportunities for dedicated individuals to move their career in positive directions.

SkyWest is serious about providing outstanding career opportunities in addition to world-class benefits like 401(k), Performance Rewards, health care, retirement and discounted travel worldwide. Bring your positive attitude, skills and commitment to the SkyWest team and take your career to new heights!

Welcome aboard the greatest flight of your life!


Employee Spotlight

Jared Daniels
Mechanic (SLC)

As a SkyWest mechanic, not only does Jared Daniels live by SkyWest’s mantra of Safety First, he also exemplifies the idea of teamwork. Always looking to provide support to his supervisors and co-workers, Jared is not afraid to dive into a complicated project even when he doesn’t have to. He completes each project correctly and quickly and is a great example of why SkyWest has one of the best maintenance crews in the airline industry, always going above and beyond.

Employee Testimonials

"I love SkyWest because of the people I get to work with throughout the system. The people are what make SkyWest so great!"
~ Gwen Carter
Customer Service (DEN)

Equal Opportunity Employer

SkyWest Airlines: An Equal Opportunity Employer